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“I’m in passable physical shape for a guy in his mid forties at 6’3” and 210 pounds and have developed chronic pain in my neck, back, knee and ankle – likely the result of a moderately active lifestyle.  We’ve spent thousands of dollars with chiropractors and medical doctors yet nothing had made a long term difference.

A friend of mine who’s in his mid-fifties started doing iron man competitions a year ago and told me it wouldn’t be possible without the cryo treatments he’d been receiving.  I was skeptical but intrigued, so my wife and I started a weekly regimen at CRYO Coppell about six weeks ago.

In today’s impersonal “big box” store environment, it’s refreshing to find that not only is CRYO Coppell family owned, but that the owners and their kids are on site.  It’s like old home week whenever we show up as Bobby, his wife and their kids are all there making sure their customers are well taken care of.

Yes, I still get a crick in my neck from time to time, but I can say without hesitation that the pain level I experience on a daily basis has diminished.  I plan on increasing the frequency of my visits as I believe it can only help.”

– Matt Guden

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